we left Jerry's house in San Jose... it was a nice break from sleeping in tents

there was a Zumiez demo, and these are the backstage skate tools and sunblock

ed and deanna


Bay Bridge

Newell House

Golden Gate

the last campsite of the trip, we spent three days here

the bros and Bruce

Fire Skater

Slash cut his beard off... guess how old this guy is?


nope... 30?

try 20!  The guy can't even buy beer yet 


then a demo in Berkeley... this guy is my compitish as far as media coverage goes

Brandon with a mob kickflip I think... haha
Jon Miner in the background not filming

Leo doing something.  Minor still not filming

this is a mob switch flip

And a Ron Allen skatephoto... I have arrived! 
A mob late shove it and Jon Minor is over it

yes, you made yourself plain
Yes, you made yourself very plain