this is Erin at one of the two Opening Ceremonies Christmas parties (christmas party hogs much?)

this is the Epicly Later'd section of Vice Christmas dinner.  That's Kelly, the assistant editor, and Lauren the editor editor. 

John James and Brian.  Dudes who work at the Vice office.  Brian is the guy who makes sure all the releases for the show are signed... some episodes are
currently offline cause we don't have footage releases from Anthony Claravall and some other people. 

Mike and Ben.  Mike does a bunch of VBS stuff, and Ben sells the ads.  Right now we have a Boost Moble ad on there.  I'm hoping we can get an ad for the
next season of Lost. 

Two hobo's at Cindy Greene and Sarah Ball's birthday party, I missed seeing Cindy. 

what drives me to you is what drives me insane.
I still can remember the way that you smiled
on the fifth day of May in the drizzlin' rain.