Neck would love this place... he says the best mexican food is from places with a homemade sign

Vespa chicks on tour with us, way better than the Harley girls

I took this challenge with Leo and it was a joke.  I feel ripped off. 

Epic travels through space

this is actually the mountains near Santa Cruz

Josh Harmony.... I hear he believes that Dinosaur bones were buried in the ground by Satan... a good theory which I'm gonna start believing too. 
I like the image of Satan hoofing around with a bundle of bones, and planting them in the ground.


baby Cairo

the legendary Sally Slap

Aaron joined our gnarly bike gang

an awesome hip hop group

Neckster Judskins

Ethan is pretty bad ass

Josh's bike is also pretty gnarly

don't fuck with us


Jimmy (who by the way has the best BGP's ever on thrasher right now)

Me in Howard Hughes gear

The god's must be crazy, we found the end of the world

I'm loving the street