Drove to Vegas

saw the cat truck

groceries and gambling

arrived at the Palms... Valentine's Day

Met up with Garrett

Went to the Magic trade show for a bit.  It had to have been the dumbest place in the world.  Last time I was at a trade show I got a ticket for underage drinking,
so its been at least 13 years. 

then the Thrasher / Altamont party

Off! and fans

I wonder if there were chicks with skirts like that at Black Flag shows?

I also spent two days trying to find Sammy Baca to shoot a portrait of him for an Altamont ad. 

I even went to his grandmother's house looking for him. 

Then we found him!  This is all Sammy needs on a two week tour in Australia.  No asshole bag with wheels. 

I got the picture then took off

go down in your own way
and everyday is the right day