So as you probably know, VBS.TV launched.  This is Shane hitting the darkman 'go live' button. is like the killerest thing I've ever been involved with.  I'm trying to have an episode of my show go up every thursday. 
We'll see if that really happens but I'll try.  Next week is the Jason Dill episode!

this is me in my editing booth.  I'm trying to edit the Spanky episode. 

Oh shit, I ran into Dill at a concert.  

Matt Sweeney was the guitarist, Charlyn sang.

then I met Reggie Brothers at the Fish.  Shane was drunk giving me promotions and stuff, I'm sure in the morning it's gonna be
like "I said a lot of stuff I didn't mean last night"

Andy telling us about his Morrissey concert... which is so ironic to me, cause when we used to live together he would
always later me for watch Smiths documentaries and stuff, he HATED Morrissey.  But now I think he's getting it.

Reggie's hoof

Chunk drinking Jauger

I’ve been workin’ at the airport bar, it’s like Christmas in a submarine