Then the TWS awards party:

It's funny to me that Cheeks and Jerry are such good friends

So I was hitting Mike Carroll up to do an episode of my skate show, and he's seemed kind of on the fence about it,
and right then Ray comes up and was like "thanks for making the show about me, I was really pyched!" 
I was thinking "thank you Ray, for that incredible timing!"
(though Ray being happy about something doesn't mean much considering he's happy about everything)

Caswell always gives people shit for being "too cool" like for instance I was typing something into my Blackberry and Caswell was
like "oh look at you on your cool phone, you think you're so cool on your cool guy phone..." and I think he was being serious.

Bod Boyle and a random creeper

Shane and Flip

some girl and Gary Busey

Sally V in the belly of the beast.

I know everyone is tired of me saying that everyone is my favorite skater... but Theotis is my favorite skater ever. 

Jim on his Children of the Corn kick

Oh, then Jerry won every award.  Ray Barbee and Hosoi handed him one of his three trophies and he told me "I can't even beleive
Ray Barbee and Hosoi know who I am. 

Braydon won Rookie of the Year

Dave Coyne!

Jerry couldn't have done it without Lil B

After party at Cha Cha!

O, I see can shake that thing
Let's have some of it over here
It's tragic that your love is long-crossed
But we can fix it up with some beer