Jerry and I went and checked the Golden Gate Bridge

Look this car has a Nor-Cal Barney sticker trifecta- Anti-Hero, Indy and Thrasher. 

this one too.. Spitfire, Ant-Hero, and Low Card.

We vectored over to the Epicly Trife two year anniversary party... outside I saw Elissa and Sammy

When I got in the first person I saw was Troy Demassek, the guy they named the band after.  He was just some guy in a yearbook
that was voted "most heavy metal"

Hoisington had TFL stickers

I put one on every layer, so no matter how 'party guy' I got I'd still be repping

Schmitty and I are beefing 'cause he stole the my prefix... actually I think Epicly Trife stole all my ideas and I hate it, and hope it
catches a virus, and the only reason I came to this party was to keep track of who's no longer my friend... Everyone at this party
is banned from Epicly Later'd from now on. 

Especially Hoisington, anytime I hang with him I have to relook at all his tattoos


black eyed Susan and Brandy at the merch table

epic merch

Pensyl and his girlfriend

Weibs took the stage via coffin... I was a pallbearer

might as well dump water and beer on him

then the show started!  actually, it started with High Tower, but somehow I forgot to take photos

High Tower!


Jud looked gnarly!  Like a skin headed beast

People were going sick

panties during the song "panty raid"

the girls were like "aww you're so cute!"  I still can't get over your tattoo. 

then we vectored out, Jerry is describing an ass

so, guess what?  Next week I'm having an Epicly Later'd THREE year anniversary party,
that's right!  And I'm getting Black Sabbath to play...

just kidding, nobody loves us