I spent another grip at the record store

then we had the opening

It was pretty fun.  Actually no, I felt really self-conscious and awkward the whole time.

the French riot police were called in!

Bun came

then skating!

Justin Regan and I destroyed the place, no big deal.

back d much?

Eric Antoine guided us and killed it too

he took us to The Best Spot Ever

yup!  This thing is brand new and not a skatepark. 

Every skater in Paris sort of looks like PJ... don't you think?

him too.  What's up with that? 

this spot ruled... I shot an epic skate photo on my elph that they're putting in Skateboard Mag... I'm back!

site seeing

In the absence of your smiling face
I traveled all over the place
and I have decided I’m throwing my arms around all of paris because only stone and steel accept my love