I arrived in Paris and met Angela at the metal bar.  They didn't want to let me in, a guy said "no punks!"  and pointed to my tattoo.
I was flatterd.  It was like being mistaken for somebody cooler. 

Angela and a French metal bro.  He liked black metal only... he hates Motorhead.  Friendship test failed. 

her metal rosetta stone

the next day we went to Colette to start hanging our show there

the lovely Sarah Colette

They have these guys that hung the show for us so we peaced it and went site seeing

I found my favorite Roky Erickson record!  Yes!

the trash cans look like condoms

Alex Olson had this ad up

then we went to my favorite bar in Paris... its exactly across the street from a hotel I once stayed at.  Drunk stumbling distance.
I have some great memories from there.  It's the Max Fish of Paris. 

but if you don't think Paris was made for love
maybe you heart needs a telegram from up above