so the other night we saw the coolest dude ever play

Roky Erickson!

Tino had some psychedelic glasses

If you don't know Roky's music I suggest you find a live record called "Casting the Runes" that's my favorite.  It's real heavy and satanic. 

Roky and eye

Tino got one of the cool shirts

then we waited in the autograph line

notice how Roky makes kind of a tweaked crazy person face?

Somehow I'm making it too, weird!  This is not intentional. 

my favorite Roky Erickson songs:

Night of the Vampire
Mine Mine Mind
We Are Never Talking
Starry Eyes
Gonna Die More
Don't Shake Me Lucifer
You're Gonna Miss Me
Stand for the Fire Demon
I Think Of Demons
We Sell Soul
Bloody Hammer
The Wind and More

Please Judge

when you were young and your heart was an open book
you used to say you gonna die more