this is the place where you can find out what the future episodes of my show are going to be... Ray Barbee maybe?

I met with Ray at an art show where he was playing guitar. 

I don't know much about surf culture, but I do like Thomas Campbell and his artwork. 
He was also the first photo editor ever to send me film... anyway, every wall in the show I would walk up to and think
"oh, here's Thomas's section"  but then I would look at the name and it wouldn't be him.  So I have a question, are all these
people ripping him off, or is he part of a larger movement?
I will send a prize to the first person to correctly identify Thomas Campbell's section of this show. 

(update: jack skullset won the prize already)


...sorry I don't mean to be negative... it is the Ray Barbee episode... the most positive dude ever. 

when it is cold I shelter her in the wazimy warmth of the monkey skin
and into my own I fold my head my full-sized child with full-sized spread