Its Fashion week and of course Autumn Skateshop updated their window display!

I couldn't decide what shirt to wear... luckly my twin Alex was on the street and he had pretty much the same shirt so I know I made
the right choice. 

Kate showed me her photo face

Ramona and I went to that burlesque house, it was cool but too crowded, we didn't stay for the naked parts

Chlo had a yard sale

I went to Ben's fashion show and ran into Spanky for the first time since he's been in town... he's got better things to do these days...
celebrities, fashion shows etc. 

Shelly and Athena are in the show

then the show started... Ben Cho is kind of a big deal

Ryan had front row

Dustin stood in the BGP spot and even high-fived Athena when she walked past...

Dustin likes to be the center of attention if you didn't know already. 
This photo was stolen off the interweb.


After the after party I randomly ran into one of my oldest bros that I haven't seen in ten years.  He used to be goth
and was my first drinking buddy.

Then I trecked it over to Brooklyn to see Sally on her last night.  Sean was shocked to see me.

Tony met Johnny Marr

I think he got it tattoo'd in after, which is crazers but awesome

Sally and I wasted

but don't go home with your hard-on
it will only drive you insane