St. Patrick's Day night I went and saw the Pogues!

Seriously every other guy at the show was either a fireman or a cop... and there were so many newsboy hats

Manute and I snuck up to the stage during the opening band, we crossed through the mosh pit

People mosh to anything these days


then, after much anticipation, they wheeled the bro out!

Shane broke his foot the first night, but there's seriously no killing this dude.

I think shane liked the wheel chair because it meant he could drink more and he didn't have to worry about standing

the crowed was going apeshit!  I thought I might die!  It was like drunk swaying back and forth in a squished mess

Manute was on a two day bender, so it was appropriate the god father of benders was on stage

Shelly and Tino

afterwards we tried to go here but it was too expensive

they have been giving me six months to live for the past twenty years