Drove to Phoenix for Phoenix AM... actually just the after party

with this crew; Fos, Jeff, Nina, Dean and Randy

got there in time to meet these dudes

Ed and Jerry planning the Maple reunion tour

Matt Ball and wifey

The Goat

The Growler's tour bus is pretty amazing.  They were sick of getting pulled over

Basketball hoop on the back

The Growlers

the organizer of the event said to me "the kids are probably gonna fan out on Cardiel" and I said "no, the pros are gonna fan out on him first"

Nor Cal locals

John and Erik

the positive energy is blinding

Radio Moscow

Jon and Bill

Nina meeting her 2nd favorite pro skater

5 Theos

No Age

shit gets wild



fuck this tent


and a great time was had by all

down in the ditches of a friendly sea,
I found myself, I was following me