YES!  Super Skate Summer at Hollywood Theatre, Portland....

Chris Johanson thought of the name and hooked up the location.  It was actually a three night event but I put all the photos on one page.

Chris is a genius

No Age band photo

Sun Foot band photo

Julien and Andy Roy helped out!  So happy they  came

Tobin and Justin Regan.... a HUGE thank you to Justin and Vans for making this event happen. 

Thomas Campbell

Buddy and Chet

Motley Crew

Rick and Buddy played selections from Fruit of the Vine

We showed the master copy of Fucktards, followed by Tobin and Andy Q&A... it was so awesome to hear from Andy

We asked our favorite artists and skaters to choose their favorite video part of all time. 
Neck Face choose the slam section from "Welcome to Hell" and took questions from the crowd.  He should be a stand up comedian.

No Age picked Ed Templeton's part in Heavy Metal

Jerry choose Steve Olson's part in "Tentacles of Destruction"

Thomas chose Lance, O and Neil Blender's part in "Ban This." We also watched his beautiful film "A Love Supreme"
Chris Johanson picked a GSD part, Dill Picked Gonz in Psycho Skate.... it was so awesome to hear skaters talk about their favorite videos and then watch it.  

Jon Miner and Jerry Hsu, Stay Gold Q&A.

Dill, AVE and Greg answered questions about "Mind Field"

The Sun Foot played to a backdrop of Drunk Injuns and Canned Heat

No Age played to a backdrop of never before seen Craig Stecyk Dogtown raw 16mm transfers... fucking incredible. 

I had to take pictures of Andy Roy with everybody

I think it turned out great!  So much skate history in one weekend.  Thank you so much:

Justin Regan,Vans, Justen Harn and everyone at Hollywood Theatre, No Age, Sun Foot
Julien, Andy Roy, Neck, Greg Hunt, Tobin, Dill, AVE, Miner, Jer, T.Mos, Chris Johanson,
Rick, Buddy, and everyone who came to the show....

I think we want to do this again in SF.  Any interest?

time was, when we got along
its too bad that feeling's gone