I got to Paris a few days before everyone else from Altamont.  I spent a lot of time wandering the streets. 

The museum was near the toilets.  I think it translates to "the gay lyric" 

ran in to my old co-workers

Phelper is big in Paris

Muska!  He is my favorite and its the best seeing him.  I need to do an episode on this guy right?

Muska had Pocahontas looking Skytops and Jake has MJ's that Emerica made just for him


Muska Skate photo!

Peabody skate photo!

The French invented everything, including the skateboard.  Sorry California

Here's some photos I shot in the Thrasher section of the show.  Chet.


Then I had some pictures in the flat screen room


the whole pike room

Olivia is into it

Spent all day trying to grip my board.  Street Machine was closed and another shop near there wouldn't let my use their tools. 
I would have brought a razor blade but for some reason the airlines are weird about that.

found some places to eat

my friends from Opening Ceremonies were in town

you'll search and you'll search but you'll never find
nowhere on earth to find peace of mind