Met up in Palm Springs for a dope ass Altamont demo.  That's the Boss saying what's up to one of his subordinates Bryan Herman

there's the other dudes on the team, Figgy, Slash, Neen and John Dickson

and Kenny Hoyle

and Garrett Hill... so pretty much some gnarly mofo's crushing the demo. 

That's the team manager Heath Kirchart, he was pro in the 90's and its cool he sometimes still skates. 

stuff must be going down

Management scouting talent.  I shit you not, a guy with a Monster Energy tattoo did a backflip in the bowl during the demo, should we put him on?

Dean and Beth


Randy from No Age shredded the demo

Fos FM himself

Theotis didn't make the demo due to obligations from one of the following sponsors; Baker, Nike SB, Thunder, Spitfire, CCS, Shake Junt, Ashbury,
Mountain Dew, Neff, Bones Swiss, Skull Candy, Markisa, Stance Socks, Shake Junt, Meister Watches.  But he was there in spirit. 

This Dead Guy slayed the demo

dead tired

 he did drawings for the bros

Steve Ree

Then we went back to the ACE for the demo after party.  Atiba and Ako held it down... cool shirt right?  (pro tip: Atiba has the rolex)

And this guy was there, the legendary Mike Watt!  You know from fIREHOSE and Minutemen?  The most skate rock shit of all time. 

Protect Me jammed, these are some awesome kids

Regal Degal

SFV Acid

Bobsitive Energy

Heath is the man

dudes I work with


randomly ran into Curtis Kulig at the pool the next morning



Bob took over the djing and killed it

Bob and buddies

then finally No Age played an instore at Epidemic Skateshop

with Batwings Catwings

sickest weekend... skating, music, art... the three best things.  Thank you everybody that supported!

if you see a rocketship on it's way to mars, baby it'll be me