back in windy New York City

went over to Tobin's to ask him about Fucktards

here's a small part of our video archive in Lauren's Epicly Later'd editing room

smiffs night

now it's five years on

Hugs at Lit

Aviva gave me the awesome Vuarnet shirt!  thanks!

I went with Natasha and saw the Joe Strummer documentary

Why the hell would you make a documentry and ask Johnny Depp about anything?  They also interview Bono which sucked too.  I remeber seeing
a Joy Division documentry and he starts singing 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' and gets the lyrics wrong. 

Then to Bacarow... Patrik Ervell told me that he's bummed about how our names are almost the same

Cass McCombs

do you believe in MGM endings
everybody's coming back to Xmas for Texas