thankfully Trout was there!

also Jack and Rosa...

this show was seriously sooo violent... we were getting crushed in a sea of Mexican gangsters... I didn't dare take their pictures...
there were so many fights during the show... I love it in retrospect. 

Morrissey always knows my face  (don't say he doesn't)

I tell people to take it gradually. You don't need to become a model of human perfection overnight.

But if it's morally within a person to avoid 'flesh food' then nothing need be explained to them.
Eating animals is obviously very cruel, and you either want to avoid inflicting pain on another living being,
or else you don't much care. The argument has nothing at all to do with how flesh tastes, or the myth of protein,
or personal budget, or alternatives, or being macho. If you eat animals you surely hate them ...
if you respect or love animals you could never eat them. It's that simple.