I went and saw Charlyn sing

Dash had an opening of his art work

Dash's baby

Dill has a new tattoo.  I don't know what it means

So, another Morrissey show... did I mention that Morrissey gave me a job?  I am here on strictly business

Then Delirium,  this bar used to be called Albion,  when I lived in San Francisco the Kilowatt used to be the big skater bar
and the Albion was across the street.  I used to think of it as the advanced Kilowatt, because the normal skaters would be at Kilowatt
but the real piles would at Albion... dudes like Sean Young, Eric Jay, Lee Ralph etc....

tonight was hiphop night


Sally and Greg

I've read more than a hundred books seen love mentioned many thousand times
but despite all the places I've looked it's still no clearer it's just not enough