I met up with Chris Johanson who was awesome enough to draw me a poster for the Night of Skate Videos I put together for the MOCA.  
He is seriously the coolest person I know

Amazing.  In fact, I think Chris's poster was the most crucial part of the show.  Everyone that came got one.

I had to rework the video I made for the time we did it at the MOMA

(side note:  look at all those programs and if it was clearer you could see I have 3707 unread e-mails.... hahah wtf)

Everyone should check out the Street Art show that's up right now btw, its super fun

I love the Vista Theater, I was given the choice of a couple venues but I think this one was obviously the best.  This is soundcheck.  My hands wouldn't stop shaking.

people started to show up.  At this point I was peeing my pants.  Public speaking is no easy task for me.

video stars

this is the last photo I took before the event started, I had too much to deal with.

You are never too pro to get a pro's autograph (cross reference here)

Jake Rosenberg who helped Ternasky make the Plan B videos. 

the next morning I went back to watch Spike sign the cement. 

I'm glad the Vista is finally acknowledging the influence of 'Two World Industries Men'

edgar was dangerously close to putting his paw prints in (cross reference here)

I would like to thank the Vista, Chris Johanson, Stacy Peralta, Spike Jonze, Ty Evans, Rick Howard, Aaron Meza, Ed Templeton, Greg Hunt, Lance Mountain,
Tobin Yelland, Jonathan Wells & Cindy Thoennessen @levisfilmworkshop, Stephen Spilker, Jeff Fribourg, Aaron Rose and all my friends that came to the show.   Lots of love. 

I think Chris Johanson and I are gonna try to do one of these in Portland soon... hopefully. 

everybody knows, everybody says so