bros woke up kinda hung over

these guys are cool

we went and checked out the tide pools

star fish and oval squirts

Porta Nuevo AKA Newport

the town has the same crap they had last time

Cuban Cigar store

Reggie Brothers bought Predator's Skull, I'll show you later

Manute bought a Hershey KKK looking drug rug

Yay! Ako Made it!

just in time for roof o'clock

Sarah, Camille and Beth made it too!



the whole New Years crew!

weird, Ako kinda looks like Sal Barbier in this photo

Cuban sesh

Reggie's dad AKA John Long

truth be told, I think cigars are kinda gross

Beth's New Years dance

New Year's Fireworks!


Oh and then a midnight group hug!

more hugs!

then dreams

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