these are some left over photos from Mexico, they were stuck in my broken camera. 

this is the part where Manute and I cleaned the entire house for like 3 hours...

...while Jerry took naps and checked his Blackberry.  Spanky took a shower. 
I guess it's like an "I'm pro" thing. 

fucking pros... it's like they think they're seated next to the Virgin Mary or something.

then fast forward to New York... I went to Keeva's birthday party at Tino's house

all the guys at the party were forced to walk the cat walk

then the girls did it for fun

then I did this awesome thing where I spilled red wine
all over the birthday girl's dress

good thing someone randomly had one of those Tide-To-Go
markers... it was like straight out of a commercial

Though cats are more popular on the interweb, I'm more of a dog person

how about Mouthwash To Go?  A book of Japanese hair styles

(this was Jeremy from Autumn's book and he really has one of these haircuts)

Bez and Tino's new dog Chunk

Degraw's art show... this is all the notes people give him when he dj's

Dan from Excepter

Dan, Scott, the Ladies of Leisure and I took a tea stop between opening and after party...
It's freeeezing outside

Brian from Gang Gang Dance

Seniorita Bougatsos

Mira from White Magic smashes the place! 
It's like Pitchfork meets TMZ on here tonight. 

I like how at clubs, and this happened when I was at Teddy's with Tennessee (from The Like, duh) last week too,
a cute girl can just smash a ton of bottles and glasses all over the place and some dude from the club has to come
over and apologetically clean it all up... try that Wildman!

Eddy and I talking dark moves about our TV station

can you tell me where we're headin?
Lincoln County Road or Armageddon?