Jack and Jon

Jordan wears sunglasses at night

Angela curated a show at the Fish

Jesse and his art piece.  There were these girls sitting on the booth he's standing on, and they would
seriously not move for anything to let us shoot this.  Also there was some dude telling us to 'fuck
off' and he added 'I've been coming to Max Fish since before you were born'  it was retarded, I still
keep thinking about how I hate bitchy people.  Anyway, we just kind of forced it. 

Chad Rose


then I flew to San Jose to film the Corey O'Brien episode

but I stayed at Jerry's

I walked up and he was photographing dead moths

we mandated at our favorite noodle place

Jerry was talking about the pressures of filming a part for a video with Koston and Guy Mariano in it and whether he's going to get
along with Gonz and Andrew Reynolds on tour.

It is autumn and my camouflage is dying
instead of time there will be lateness
and let forever be delayed.