This is the Max Fish basketball team battling the DQM team in the Harold Hunter Memorial Basketball Tournament thingy

of course A-Ron MC's

side note:  I made an episode of my sk8 tv show about Jason Dill... I really hope he doesn't hate it! 
it will be out in two weeks, hopefully.

Coach Shannon, apparently he would call them over and just draw a house on the board

It was a close game but Max Fish lost... I think the other teams were filled with ringers though... like how do I only know one person
on the aNYthing Team?  Why wasn't Amy Kellner out there? 

then at work, Annette turned 21!

I bought her her first beer ever for her birthday

Fos and French... French got his name because one time, 15 years ago, he showed up to Southbank in an Etnies sweatshirt.
Etnies at the time was considered a French company,  so someone saw him and was like "who's the French kid?" 

I hate the cold unless there's snow

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