Sorry I'm so slow on the updates... I work at Vice fulltime now and I also have my Sk8 Tv show.  Basically I'm more
stacked busy then I've ever been in my life... 

this is the drive from SF to LA

We watched skate videos the whole way... here's a list:  Enjoi, two Zero videos, Kids in Emerica, Circa, some Transworld video
and then a video called "Divercity"  like wtf? Spelled: "Diver City?"  then I had to explain to Beagle what 'Diversity' means
we settled on "it means 'different shit'"

The funny thing is all the videos were Theotis's and I'd hear him singing along to every single song in the back
 "psycho killer, eska-say blah blah blah blah..." It was really funny

then back in NYC, I took a field trip to Mark's

this photo was taken to show how much taller I am than Mark, but he didn't like that girl in the background

My sister's band played

this is taping the intro to my show, I hate this part of the show, but I guess I have to do it... that's Lauren Cynamon the editor of the show and Dana. 
Doesn't Lauren do a nice job?

but who in your measly little world, -uh
are you tryin to prove to that you're
made out of gold and-uh, cant be sold