I saw Spiritualized with Justin

Jason Spaceman self cheers

then met back up with my gnarly bike gang

Jerry joined us, he used the exact scooter from Transformers... the movie Jerry was most anticipating, though finally disappointed

then we went to this spot and Keegan got some

Jerry and I saw Hosoi at the grocery store and we turned into ten year old fan boys

Ty picked me up

and what is that in the back seat?  Whenever I'm around something really valuable I just think about the worst think I could do, in this case I just thought
about throwing the master tape out the window into traffic.  You can thank me that I didn't.

we went to the Lakai premier, no one showed up

Rick and Ty were testing the sound and video... I sat there and watched the first 4 parts of the video, I might have been the 3rd person ever to see them.

then later I saw these dudes

And got in the team bus with these dudes.  I see Jeron, Lenoce, Biebel, Koston and Welsh... among others...  we got to the theater and I took zero more
photos all night.  Sorry.

the next day I went with Justin to Blingfest... see how i have my video camera bag bungee'd on there?  That's how I roll.

Robin and Deanna


Jesus got a hair cut... good job, its not the 60's anymore

I am a mountain
I am a tall tree
I am a swift wind sweeping the country
I am a river down in the valley ohh
I am a vision and I can see clearly