his time in LA besides slumming it filming pro skater's surprisingly shitty houses I go to parties at girl's parent's mansions. 
This is 1/8 of the house.

Humberto invited me to this one, and of course i brought all my grimy skater friends, hoping they don't fuck it up.

Ezra and Wendy

as Greco once said "In three years you will be ready to dress like this"

piñata molestation!

then we went to Maggie's party...  It felt like an LA high school party (because i'm getting old).  This was also a mansion. 

I hope her parents don't see this 

Then Dime Bar with Curtis and Alex Olson's Dad.  Steve yelled at me about the show I made....

gangster situations

there's ice on the sink where we bathe
so how can you call this a home
when you know it's a grave