Started off with a broadcast on Kchung with Clint Woodside, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson and Raisin... available to listen and download here

Heath in studio

then Skate Talk Live

Nuge and Slash discus the merits of this work of art hanging in Atiba's house

actually Nuge was telling us how Bryan Herman citizens arrested a sexual predator.  He was at a bowling alley and in the next lane over were some young girls,
in the lane after that one they spotted a guy masterbating and looking at the girls.  Bryan went to pull the arrest and the guy pulled out a knife... bryan hit him in the head
with a bowling ball, knocked him out.  He took off his belt and cuffed him and waited for the police.  

Then off to Kibitz watch Figgy and Nuge's band Arctic

In the background you can see all the other bands that have played there

then the Goat, featuring Bossman, Blackout, Beagle, Shake Junt, and Spanky

can't afford a thing on TV