have you ever tried to skate with your trucks backwards?  This guy screwed up.

I met Greco at KCDC, he's got no handed dog pisses on lock

over the buckets

Amy Guns

this is my desk

I went to Nieratko's in Jersey

everyone at his house was named Chris... his wife is also named Chris, her name is Chris Nieratko too.

or filming got cut short cause he caught a flu or something

Someday when I get Tommy Lee rich, I'm going to get one of these for my house

Holland tunnel parking lot

then I flew to LA to film for my show

and had the most productive filming day of all time, I interviewed Mike Carroll, Aaron Meza, Chico Brenes, Marc Johnson
Alex Olson and Daewon Song.  total hot crew day. 

I work hard every day of my life
but everybody wants to put me down