today was the day I made up for my birthday!

theodora came to visit me

sleeping walrus in Central Park, bummin on global warming

we went ice skating

I'm awesome at so many extreme sports!  Ice skating isn't extreme though huh?  Maybe someone should build an ice half pike,
that woud be awesome, I'd skate that!

then we went bowling

then my make up bday dinner

I'm old!

Ben always plays this game called 'what would you rather?'  Here is tonights example, Ben asks Manute;
"Manute, what would you rather? Have sex Gisele Bundchen while she farts and barfs over and over... or bloop bloop Tino and
each time you do it a hundred dollar bill comes out of his ass and you can do it as many times as you want and get as rich as you want?" 


we're old news
all's well
and thirty years could be a thousand