Hmmm... I finally got a new camera, so now I can update more... 

Ben made Manute this awesome t-shirt for his bday...  B's are in the A's!  (boobs in the air)


Satan lovers

So Halloween night I took tons of photos... most of them I am giving to Skateboard Mag and so I won't show them here

I went to take a photo of J Strickland in his mask but he covered his face and yelled "chill!"
I was like "Jay, you're already wearing a mask"

We went to Neck's show... I like the baby being hung by it's umbilical cord.  His show was very nice.  He really is great.

Tormentous and Camille

I went as Neckbaby... this is Neck and a cop

this is Merks giving birth to herself... look at the photo upside down... amazing!
She is bitter for not winning a Halloween costume contest that night.  She says next year she's going as a sexy nurse

Lemmy, the shorts are a nice touch

some people dressed as Terry, Jen, and Cory.... hilarious!

Girls from the Shining!


Lizard as Elivs going for it

big black women love me

I threw my costume in the trash after the opening so Neck gave me a black eye

Mary Kate and Ashley avoiding the cameras

I am the one hiding under your stairs
Fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair