this was from the First Nation show at that place on Rivington

this is Kate

cute baby alert!

I ran into Chlo who of course went to Palm Sunday mass

then I went to a party celebrating Passover, which I kept getting confused with Palm Sunday all night, I would be like "where's your

then I went to Kessler's to research for my show....

Natas at EMB

Dave Duncan in Health and Fitness!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

the first TF Report


Team Pierre

then I went to work, we hired Cory, she sits next to me.  Nice desk. 

this just in from Mark G:

try n contackt todd swank . he was born on the same day as marlin manroe .
any way he has a cool shot of me rideing brindan murdocks quarter pipe in
vinice beach california I made the back cover of the small skateboard
fanzine he use to make called swank zine . reasurch it !!!!!!