everyday I take the bus to work now... did I tell you I'm fulltime at my office now?  Plus I make a skate show, so I went from being a
lazy bastard to the busiest dude ever

Thomas is in my office

and Rocco

I also think I have a new apartment, this could be my shitty new block, if my credit checks out

Fred Gall!

I think Matt is jumping the gun on the shorts

Then I went to see Bill Callahan.  Andrew put me on the list... thanks dude!

Tim Barber took this photo, I didn't know why he wanted to, and then he informed me I was sitting next to Lou Reed...
Yay, Lou Reed and I, kicking it. 

Holy shit, Bill Callahan, Jim White on drums and Joanna Newsom on keys.  Indie all-stars! 

it was an amazing show

there's sap in the trees if you tap them
there's blood on the seas if you map them