Ok, I am officially a month behind on my website... this is the 4th of July...

Drew and I at the bar

Wild in the Streets SF

I can't believe someone wrote this

pool party

This is the last day of tour, everyone's over it... i'm over it... good bye!

I got back to my apartment... my place is tight... i have the fattest TV's ever... two huge ones and neither work.  seriously.
One my mom gave me and the sound broke, the other i found in the lobby of the building, and the picture was messed up. 

looks like a flat screen from the front

merks olina... we can't show j.o.able photos of her anymore cause she dates my boss

as of today I have 5242 unread e-mails.

turn on, plug in then just walk away
unlock, process and then just go
and I've never felt quite so alone
as I do right now