then I visited Max Fish.  I thought it was gonna be closing, but its actually staying open for another year now.

Tino hanging the 'final' show

Leo's picture of Dash.  Who ironically was banned from the Fish most of the time.

a painting by Brian Degraw that Tino found in the trash after Brian's belongings were thrown into the street

that is my photo of Ben Cho and his "Forget Me" tattoo.  And also a painting by Thom Lessner of Tino and I.  We were drinking Red Stripe 'cause the Fish was out of
Budweiser that night.  I faintly remember. 

Jon's photo of Freddy

Wildman before and after's

then my last night in town


everyone wants to bite her


and it was Lizzi's birthday!

this was my favorite site in the world

and a very bromantic photo out front

all the most important people in New York are nineteen