Drew's new sea horse... the only animal where the man gives birth

This is one of those photos where you are taking a photo of one person but really taking a photo of someone else. 



Bady's B-day

Then I went filming my show with Alex and Ty

Do it wuss!

on the way back we saw Jay filming his not funny show.  They asked Alex to be on it.

this is the band called The Goat (not pictured: Spanky and Beagle)

then we shredded.  I'm getting so slow with the blog entries that my show is actually coming out faster.

I have always wanted to skate here since I saw the first ad for Ever Slick where Eric Dressen board slides the gap

Self-portrait pretending to be Tim Gavin.  Noseslide pop-over a.k.a. childhood dream alignment

In the generation
clear as winter ice
this is your paradise