This is from the last day of filming for the Eric Dressen episode...

We had a session over at Arto's where a lot of his friends came and skated

Eric Salad Dressen... still got it


the last interview

Then a few weeks later we screened the whole thing at Cinefamily

I had no idea that someday I would be making things that these guys would come out for... I've lived a lucky life

the cool kids even came!

Olson and Laura Thornhill- OG's

and the artist homies

this was pretty cool
.  I am very thankful to the people that came out!

then afterwards he got a standing ovation from his friends

Abby Ellis, the incredibly talented editor of the episode, wanted to meet Hosoi.  She spent weeks straight editing this thing.  Thank you Abby!

I'm also super thankful to Eric for doing this episode.  He is amazing and I feel that not enough people know how awesome he is, and how long he's been killing it
at skateboarding.  He went from pro skating in the banana board era, into the 80's, and still killing it in the 90's and beyond.  Amazing. 

all I ever wanted was everything,
and now I'm being haunted by those dreams