Here is a series about Dustin


Humberto and I went to see Cat Power at Madison Square Garden

Lizzy too

Chan is down there

She opened for Interpol.  When they came out they dropped this big curtain.  It was sort of anti-climatic.  It hid them from view for
2 songs and then, like something out of Spinal Tap, had to be removed by roadies between songs.  I like that.

I also liked the Elephant backdrop

then Peasant

then Chan's afterparty... i could have told you she wouldn't show up

Nick and Oliver's show.  I want this!

the empty space next to Max Fish.  Look out for a new 13th floor loft or hotel

but she always comes to Karaoke!

and rarely refered to it, rarely gave clues
that I had the deep sickness I tried not to choose