did i mention that Altamont made a line of clothes with pictures of mine?  This is the Gangster Hat... it's a New Era!


My pro model jean... (it's about time!)

my pro jean has photos inside the pockets.  yea dog!  Too bad the fit is like the Bryan Herman fit... ultra baggies...
but I wear them anyway considering, when else will I have signature pants?

She brought Mexibro a birthday gift

Mark had Simpson's shorts

Tino and I, back in the day

Dude tried to open a beer with his belly

didn't get it

then tried his neck

then opened it with his eyeball!  it actually worked!

Birthday cake!

Dustin and his 70's bush

Brengar, Tino and Des

haircuts for everyone


then we went to Karaoke...

this was the worst sound I had ever heard in my life... they whole bar was bummed

imagine the sound of this being sang by a gang of off key drunks

you know the kind of girly that you would call when you get lonely
I never should have let you in,
a damn shame -- forget my name!
well, anyway