I went to Benjamin Cho's fashion show, what is it Winter-07?  No, it's probably like Summer 2010 fashion week or something,
I don't know how they date these things.

Barr's in town!

Dare to compare, Lesley and her sister!!!

yay!  Ben's show was of course very awesome!  There was one dress with hands coming over the shoulder knitting the
dress, it was hard to explain, but maybe you can find a photo of it online. 

Kathy Cho

Dash Snow

Chlo  (see all the names rhyme)

then I went to another fashion party except it was filled with all kind of skate derelicts like Kessler and

also Alva

and these dudes

and this dude

It was Jimmy C's Birthday!

Yay!  Applause for Ben!

then Sway

and I will never, ever, ever, ever
grow so old again