went to the Baker video probably a month ago, but I'm slowwww these days

Long line! 

The theater probably seats 500, but you know, just invite everyone, what could possibly go wrong?

the two biggest haters are here

Lil Fucky

Phelps arrived!


Dirty Biz



Anti-Hero bros

Snuggle Face

SOTY contender

Jesse Fritch and some dude

Bossman and woman

Passed out quick


Beagle and GF

Jon Dickson


Doughnut and Dancer

Two Justins and Travis

Heath told me once that he never actually called and quit Birdhouse.  Maybe he's finally doing that here.

The video ended, kids rioted, I ran out of film

Oh, babe, I'm on fire and you know I admire your body why don't we slip away