I went to Shelly's bday the other night

Marc's good at darts

then filmed the intro of the Neckface episode

I'm really happy that you guys are smart and everything, but would you quit outing Neckface's identity in the comments and other
places.  It's kinda lame.  To me it's like calling the cops on a skater just so you can feel "in the know"

Carlos is back!  A brain aneurysm isn't shit. 

Oh so then, I had my 30th birthday, I was gonna have an ice skating party, but I caught the flu and stay in bed all day.  It was actually
nice, I laid there in fevery sweat, skipped work and skipped my party.  The only person I saw all day was Meryl who brought me
some flu medicine,  thanks Merks!

too frail to wake this time