Angela Boarwright and I had a photo show at the Standard Hotel...

The beds in the room have a view of the shower, which is kinda weird

this is the gallery, my pictures are all fans of skateboarding, and her's are kids at heavy metal concerts

I got some free nights at the hotel, so I spent a lot of time at the pool on the roof

then the night of the opening

we hired Duff to dj

and Cory worked the merch table, that is our book for the show, we only sold like 6 that night, but Cory raised the price from $30 to $75

Hoisington came which meant traditional "look at my new tattoo" time

also his California ID WTF

a lot of bros came which I'm thankful for

except I'm not thankful for this one

Michael made our book, thank you!

Spanky t-shirt

I complimented Braydon on his new neck tat, and he was like, "i've had this this for a year, no one noticed till I cut my hair"

I would like to Thank Adidas and the Standard Hotel for hooking up the show!

She thought it would be fun to try photography
She thought it would be fun to try pornography